Accelerator Program 2020


StartNorth Accelerator 2020 (Click here to read the Media Release)

In 2020, StartNorth Coworking Space will partner with ygap to deliver an accelerator program tailored to the needs of one of the most diverse demographics in Victoria. This program will support up to 15 migrant and refugee-led ventures to help improve the lives of people living in disadvantage.

Hume is one of Australia's fastest-growing and culturally-diverse communities. The Council is home to 210,000 residents, of which almost one-third are first-generation migrants. One of Hume City Council’s goals is to engage and promote entrepreneurship among new migrants and refugees to support the ongoing economic development of the region.

StartNorth, powered by Hume City Council aims to fuel innovation and success by offering a program for migrant and refugee entrepreneurs within the Hume City area providing full access to bootcamps, accelerator, mentoring, and workspaces, to equip participants with methodologies, knowledge, experience, and a supporting network to increase the likelihood for their startups success.

Recognising that Hume residents hail from more than 160 different countries and speak approximately 140 languages, this program’s specialisation in supporting migrant and refugee-led businesses is of particular importance.

Ygap has extensive experience providing a diverse suite of enriching business programs that have been proven to contribute to the growth of local businesses and the creation of employment opportunities. These programs include the delivery of a world-renowned accelerator curriculum, capacity building workshops, mentorship networks and tailored strategic sessions. Since 2013, ygap has run over 50 accelerator programs and supported more than 500 early-stage ventures. ygap’s experience in supporting early-stage ventures and startups strongly aligns with the objectives of StartNorth in fostering successful business growth in the community.

Key areas of support

1. access to funding
2. access to social networks
3. human capital development, and
4. language and cultural considerations.

These four areas are the critical challenges faced by migrant and refugee-led ventures. By providing these services, this program dismantles key barriers refugees and migrants face when trying to participate in the business community. Through the delivery of the Accelerator Program, participants are able to connect and learn from one another on a deeper level when they come from similar backgrounds. This fosters the development of social capital which is essential for businesses in the early stages.

This program aims to work with 15 individuals participating in the 3 bootcamps, 5 days acceleration program and 3 months mentoring program.

Stages of program


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